I have finally received my beads that I made in my glass class at the Milwaukee Bead and Button show.  I had been waiting patiently for them but finally got frustrated and emailed Jeff the instructor.  It turns out he had actually found my beads and envelope that same day while he was getting ready for his next teaching gig.  Then on top of apologizing for taking so long he sent me two of his beads that he made that day.  I was revitalized by seeing the beads I had made and also the beautiful beads he had made.  I am always looking for things that will inspire me.  Of course it does help that it is summer which always brings such beautiful plants and flowers.  Inspiration can come from the flowers themselves or the combination of colors put together at the greenhouses and other peoples gardens.

I just came back from my vacation is Seattle.  There were many things to inspire me like the many flower and plants displays or the beautiful parks, and coastal beaches.  We went to Mount Rainier National Park with it majestic views of the Mountain and waterfalls (even though they included snow, which we just came out of a long hard winter and don’t want to think about).  The rain forests in the Olympic National Park were beautiful with their dripping moss covering most of the foliage.  The beaches on the coast were one of my favorite places because of the dusky blues and browns of the rock formations and sands and ocean waves.  The Tide Pools were definitely the most inspirational with the many starfish in reds and oranges and the light green anemones.  I take inspiration from where ever I can like the wonderful Chihuly Exhibit in Seattle.  The colors and shapes he uses and groups together are wonderful.     I even got inspiration visiting two glass stores to purchase my glass rods since I only get to order them online and now I got to actually touch them and see the colors up close.  I may have had a little too much fun at the glass stores, at least money wise, but all the people were so nice to me and let me take my time even though at one of them it was actually closing time.

I have been very inspired this summer so far and am looking forward to channeling that into my beads and jewelry.  Keep watching my shop for new and exciting pieces and as always let me know your opinions and advise on what you would like to see.